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Problem Solving

We introduce the right mindset to solve problems in both a competitive environment, as well as the real-world. Through this, our students are able to gain confidence in order to face challenges head-on.

Tips & Techniques

Our goal is to expose students to the correct techniques, so that they will be well-equipped with the required skillsets that are necessary to succeed in any competition or project.

Advanced Concepts

By teaching advanced concepts, our students are challenged to think outside of the box and become ahead of their grade level.

Why elevatedLearning?

The inspiration for this program came when a few high-schoolers came together and realized that a lot of younger students never get to truly explore different fields and career paths when it comes to entering high school. Most students are either forced onto one career path from the start or they simply don't know where to start when it comes to exploring new topics. At elevatedLearning, we want to change this by introducing students to topics that they may not necessarily see before the high school experience. We also believe that knowledge should be equally accessible to students of all backgrounds, which is why all of our elevatedLearning programs will be free of charge for every student. Any money that we do raise through our program will be redirected to communities that need it most.



Using our mentors' experience in several math competitions such as Math Olympiad, AMC, NSML, MathCON, and several others, our first-ever program, Elite Math, is tailored to train young students by showing them new techniques that will allow them to tackle difficult problems in a quick and efficient manner.

By teaching our students math concepts that show up in high-school level competitions, we can ensure that the students who participate in this program recieve exposure to new problems and techniques that other students at their level may have never seen before.
By implementing official problems from past competitions, we are able to create a curriculum that better preps students for what's to come when they compete in different competitions.
Nothing that is taught in this program will be easy to grasp for any student when it's their first time. That is why, as mentors, we make sure to continuously challenge our students; however, we also provide plenty of support so that our students do not ever feel lost when exploring new content.
Competition math is wonderful in that most of their problems can be attacked from multiple different approaches. So, we aim to get our students to understand that there is never only one solution to a problem, while also making sure that they take the quickest, most effective path to the answer.


Another program that we offer here at elevatedLearning is known as Elite Coding. In this program, we introduce computer science to those who have never seen it before, and we challenge those who have to explore and think further outside the box. Our mentors also have plenty of experience in this field due to their heavy involvement in high school computer science courses, as well as their participation in hackathons.

Computer science is never just about learning how to code in a specific language. Students need to be able to understand the concepts that are occuring behind the code, and Elite Coding aims to do just that so that our students can utilize these concepts in order to code in any language they desire.
Students will find that once they get a grasp on the basics of computer science, they can start to apply it to a lot of ideas. As a result, we want them to be creative and have the freedom to produce whatever they want. From personal blogs to side-scrolling games, students who attend this program will gain experience in the field of computer science and they'll have fun while doing so.
As the mentors of this program, we feel that directly helping students will not benefit them in any way. Instead, we give our students methods and techniques in order to debug code and find errors on their own. Through this practice, students will not only gain problem-solving skills, but patience as well.
Most of our mentors have a plethora of experience when it comes to coding, so we are able to provide guidance on all sorts of languages. Whether it be HTML/CSS, Python, Java, or even Swift, we are able to make sure that our students receive accurate and complete knowledge.

Meet The Mentors



My name is Abhay Paidipalli and I am currently a high-school sophomore from suburban Illinois. I have also taken several high-level academic classes, which combined with my competitive experiences have given me a lot of exposure to a wide array of topics. The goal of this program is designed for me to share some of the knowledge that I have gathered, so that the students who attend program will be more prepared and in turn will do better when they come across challenges both in and outside of school.

As the founder of elevatedLearning, I want to instill a lifelong love of learning in our students. We aren’t just a program who is focused only on outcomes — although our program is excellent training for academic competitions, our real objective is to expose kids to interesting material that will help them to suceed in high school. We offer comprehensive, in-depth classes for math and computer science (more topics to come in the future); We also offer students opportunities to learn new subjects — and come to love them, too.

In our courses, we emphasize building deeper understandings through techniques and concepts, rather than simply just content. We provide plenty of detailed examples in each class, with each solution properly motivated and explained.

Part of my passion is to simply make sure that knowledge becomes free and accesible to students of all backgrounds.



My name is Soham Gupta and I am a rising junior from the suburbs of Chicago. I am a passionate student with interests in both math and computer science. This passion has led me to partake in several academic competitions, courses, and clubs. Throughout these opportunities, I was able to expand my learning and meet other students that shared the similar love for STEM.

My only regret is that I didn't get involved in these opportunities sooner. And that is exactly why I believe elevatedLearning is a program that students nowadays are in need of. Here, we get to expose young students to topics and concepts that will become very useful for them once they enter the high-school level and beyond. I love the fact that I get to give these students a leg up in finding their passion and getting them ahead of the game.

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