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    Problem Solving

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Problem Solving

We introduce the right mindset to solve problems in both a competitive environment, as well as the real-world. Through this, our students are able to gain confidence in order to face challenges head-on.

Tips & Techniques

Our goal is to expose students to the correct techniques, so that they will be well-equipped with the required skillsets that are necessary to succeed in any competition or project.

Advanced Concepts

By teaching advanced concepts, our students are challenged to think outside of the box and become ahead of their grade level.

Why elevated Learning?

We believe that knowledge should be equally accessible to students of all backgrounds, which is why all of our elevatedLearning programs will be free of charge for every student. Any money we raise through our program will be directed to communities that need it most.


Using problems from several major math competitions, we introduce the right mindset to solve competition problems. With this ability our students will be able to compete with confidence.

Don’t shy away from tough conversations. Your first instinct may be to jump in with something like “That’s not true. I know you can do it!” But when students tell you they can’t do something, they’re opening up.
Adding context to stories is a good way to start conversations about why students find some things hard to do.
The belief that abilities can improve over time. It also tells students you don’t expect less of them because they’re struggling with something.
We’re dedicated to growing and shaping a world where everyone who learns and thinks differently feels supported.

Meet The Mentor



My name is Abhay Paidipalli. I am a High School sophomore. I've competed in several math competitions ranging from the elementary all the way to the high school level. I have experience on some of the strategies and techniques used to solve a lot of competition problems. The goal of this program is to share some of the techniques that I wish I would've learned earlier, so that the students who do this program will be more prepared and in turn will do better when competing in math contests.

Our goal at eliteMath is to instill a lifelong love of learning in our students. We aren’t just a contest preparation help — although our program is excellent training for academic competitions, our real objective is to expose kids to cool and interesting material they might never have seen before. We offer comprehensive, in-depth classes in math and science; We offer students opportunities to learn new subjects — and come to love them, too.

In our courses, we emphasize building deeper understanding over techniques and formulas. We provide plenty of detailed examples in each class, with each solution properly motivated and explained; our classes are run by some of the most talented high-schoolers in their respective subject areas.

We believe that knowledge should be equally accessible to students of all backgrounds!

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We’re dedicated to growing and shaping a world where everyone who wants to learn and solve problems feels supported;



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